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  • OIC appeals to its members to assist Somalia

    The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has made urgent appeal to its Member States and the international organizations to provide urgent assistance to Somalia. This is in light of the difficult humanitarian situation in the country which threatens another … »

  • Somali American killed fighting in Syria

    Abdirahman Muhumed was killed in Syria fighting alongside Islamic state of Iraq and Levant. He is the second Somali American killed in the proxy war that has seen hundreds of young people from the west join the Islamic state … »

  • 20 killed and score others wounded in North South Somalia border

    At least 20 people including fighting factions from Khatumo regional state of Somalia and the self declared state of Somali land have died in renewed clashes in Lascanod town in northern Somalia. The fighting broke out in Sahdere where … »

  • Al Shabaab abandons new areas amid AMISOM new offensive

    According to eye witness Al Shabaab militant group has started moving out of towns under their control in Hiran province in southern Somalia. Residents of Burweyne and Jalalaqsi towns have said they have seen militants moving their vehicles out … »

United Nations is Guiding Somalia to a Fake Democracy


UN has a special representative in Somalia, where he gives directions to the Somali government officials and also reports every political development in Somalia to the UN security council on a frequent basis. The UN then advises the highest … »

Updated Aug 18, 2014