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I am not a terrorist 6

Somali-Kenyans launch ‘I am not a terrorist’ campaign

Kenya Police have recently begun terror crackdown in Nairobi’s Eastleigh State – dubbed as little Mogadishu, after series of explosions that killed several people in the neighborhood. Eastleigh, which is located east of the Central Business District, nicknamed Somalia’s … »

Updated Apr 21, 2014

A Somali Member of Parliament has been killed in what is known as a relatively safe part of Mogadishu. The MP’s vehicle exploded shortly after he left home. Another Member of Parliament, who was riding with the deceased, was injured in the blast.

Though no one has claimed responsibility for this attack, it is suspected to be an Al-Shabaab operation. The Al-qaeda linked group had vowed to fight the Somali administration.

The group’s suicide squad raided the presidential palace in February, killing soldiers and senior government officials. Though an intensified Amisom and Somali army offensive seem to be pushing the fighters in the frontlines, attacks such as this have been ongoing.

This is a film that describes the experiences of a project designed and implemented by Somali Peace Line and the Life & Peace Institute in South Central Somalia between 2009 and 2012.


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Somalia: Searching for Unity in a Fragmented Country

Somali Unity

(Somalis prefer unity over disunity but leaders who can accomplished are MIA) By Hussein Abdikarim “Gendisch” Twenty three years have passed since the collapse of Somali government back in 1991. Since then, multiple regional states constituted as separate states, including Somaliland, … »

Updated Apr 22, 2014