| Apr 8, 2014

Political Wrangle in South Western Regions of Somalia

Baydhabo Somalia

Baidao, the capital city of Bay region has been politically unstable lately, after two competing groups established two different regional … »

| Apr 6, 2014

Puntland and Somaliland disputes over territory


Northeastern state of Somalia President Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gaas accused Somaliland’s financial support for the Al-Qaida affiliated Al-shabab fighters in Gal-gala Mountains … »

| Mar 7, 2014

Somali mother of homeless children

Somali orphans

Somalia joins the rest of world to mark the International Women’s Day, as it’s women rise to make a difference … »

Mar 6, 2014

Somalia: Kismayo Airport Refurbished

Kismayo Somalia

Kismayo International Airport, previously in shambles and run down by the al Shabaab terrorists has now been refurbished and is … »

Feb 11, 2014

Somalia: Soldiers complete training program in Mogadishu


In renewed efforts to boost the Somali National Army, members of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) have completed … »

| Feb 6, 2014

Somalia fights female genital mutilation


It is a tale of sharp knives and razor blades, frightened young girls and a pain that will haunt them … »

Feb 4, 2014

Somalia takes a huge leap with technology


For over two decades, getting any form of official identification for Somali citizens was done through the back alleys of … »

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