Somalicurrent launched


MOGADISHU—We are delighted to announce the launch of an online news website with the aim of publishing update and balanced news from underreported locations in Somalia and beyond.

 Somalicurrent is run by a group of professional journalists and writers governed by a board of impartial editors.
The new site provides audiences with a comprehensive overview of the latest, fair and accurate news and information from Somalia including current affairs and features.Visitors to the site will also find special features ranging from illustrated full-text feature articles, blogs and opinions.Apart from the online news, the site will have regular bloggers who will go beyond the story and put it into perspective. Their role is, among many, to bring readers an inside analyses in every major news story. They comprise veteran journalists, revered academics and authoritative analysts.

In addition to the news site, we also strive to create a cyber platform in which Somalis of all walks of life can engage a discourse on any given issues, from politics to business, environment to entertainment, demonstrated by professionalism and openness.

While news and information is in our core value, the site is also open for other international organizations, United Nations, business and private sectors to publish, advertise and share their views and information with us.

For further information and comments please contact us at

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