Interview AMISOM outgoing commander

Former AMISOM commander Lt. Gen. Andrew Gutti
Former AMISOM commander Lt. Gen. Andrew Gutti

Lt. Gen. Andrew Gutti of the Uganda Peoples Defense today concludes his tenure as Commander of the African Union Mission in Somalia.

Gutti today hands over office Lt. Gen. Silas Ntigurirwa of the Burundi National Defense Force (BNDF).

He took over command of the multi-national force comprising troops from Kenya, Uganda, Djibouti, Burundi and Sierra Leone force in May 2012 and hands over the mantle on 16th December 2013.

He cites being able to extend the operations of AMISOM to different parts of the country, supporting the political process that saw the Somali Federal Government elected into office as among his key achievement.

This is coupled with maintaining relative peace that has seen economic activity sparked off in Somalia.

Lt. Gen Gutti leaves hopeful that the Alshabab militants who have staged sporadic attacks lately will be wiped out when the troops are reinforced, with the deployment of more forces and force multipliers as well as enablers approved by the United Nations Security Council.

The UN has approved increment of the AMISOM force from the 17,731 troops, to a maximum of 22,126 with the mandate extended up to October 2014.

Lt. Gutti boasts of 27 years of service with the Uganda Peoples Defense Force and returns home with a wealth of knowledge, which he says he is keen to share with fellow officers back home.

Here is an interview with the Lt. Gen. Andrew Gutti.



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