Somalia: Al-Shabab bans mobile internet and fiber technology


Somalia’s al-Qaeda linked group al-Shabab banned residents in the areas they control to use mobile internet and fiber optic technology.

In a press statement, the group warned the telecommunication companies to stop the service in 15 days.

“All [internet and fiber optic] providers have 15 days to stop the services, any company rejects to abide by the order will be considered aiding the enemy and will face punishment under sharia law.” The statement said.

Dalkom, Somali owned company, has recently delivered Fiber Optic internet in Mogadishu for the first time, while Somalis were experiencing telecommunication development in recent years.

It is not yet clear the reason behind the militant’s ban on Mobile Internet and Fiber Optic Internet, but it is part of al-Shabab’s western spy nightmare.

Last year, the militant group banned residents in their area to use smart-phones and watching satellite TV’s.

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