Japan’s Ambassador to Somalia presents his credentials to the President


Japan has assigned a new Ambassador to Somalia, in an attempt to restore its diplomatic ties with the Horn of Africa nation.

Tatsushi Terada, the new Japan Ambassador to Somalia – who is also accredited to Burundi, Eritrea, Seychelles and Kenya-, presented his credentials to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud on Sunday morning.

President Hassan welcomed the Ambassador and thanks Japan for its important role in rebuilding Somalia.

“Japan has already proved itself to be a committed friend to Somalia. Last May the government co-hosted a special conference in Yokohama that helped galvanise the international community to provide targeted assistance to help us rebuild the country. I thank Japan for its many contributions, particularly with regard to security and building up capacity in our civil service.” The President said.

“As we stabilize and develop, I look forward to welcoming Japanese investment as a powerful driver of the economic growth we need to lift our citizens out of poverty.” he added.

The new Japanese Ambassador to Somalia Tatsushi Teradda had previously served as Vice-Minister for Global Environmental Affairs of Japanese.

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