AMISOM halts Al-Shabaab offensive due to the raining season


The Spokesman for the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) has confirmed that the military offensives against Al-Qaeda linked militant group Al-Shabaab have been temporarily delayed due to the ongoing raining season in the country.

Colonel Ali Humud said that they are expecting to resume the military operations in the near future against the group after temporarily halting the offensive against the group for sometimes now.

Colonel Hamud said that they are investigating the claims that AMISOM peacekeepers were involved in training Al-Shabaab members saying that the outcome is upon the Ugandan troops involved and their government.

“It was brought up in the international media and almost all of the responsibility belongs to the Ugandan troops and their governments after the investigations.” He said

He also reiterated that AMISOM forces are preparing to carry on the operation where they left with Somali National Army as soon as possible.

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